How many different types of eagles are there?



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    There are 59 species of eagle. The link below has a list of the species, divided into 4 main groups — fish/sea, booted/true, snake/serpent, and giant forest.

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    Eagles are categorized under the Raptors. There are 59 different types of eagles and they live all over the world except in parts of Antarctica. Most eagles are found in Asia, Russia, and Europe. In North America there are only two species found. 

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    I am only aware of two, the golden eagle and the bald eagle.  They both live in the United States.  The website below lists eagles via categories.  

    The categories on the link above include Snake Eagles, Harpy Eagles, Aquila Eagles, Hawk Eagles, a Martial Eagle, and Fish Eagles.  The website claims there are 74 species of eagles in the header paragraph.                 

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