How many different types of e-readers are there?



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    At least 13, and here is a review of 10 of them:

    A few that are not listed are the Barnes & Noble Nook, which has gotten great reviews.  There is also the Kobo and the eReader.

    This Wikipedia entry compiles a number of them as well:

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    Now, with the iBooks store, iPod Touches, iPhones, and iPads are functionally adept at eReading.  Some people are sensitive to looking at the Retina displays due to their brightness, so they opt to use other eReaders that use e ink.  E ink is a system that uses little capsules that contain tips, and different electric charges allow the correct wording or colors to be made on the devices.

    Apple technology generally revolves around backlit displays.

    Barnes and Nobel’s Nook, and the Amazon Kindle use e ink.

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