How many different species of weeds are there?



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    It’s hard to say given the nature of weeds.  Weeds are simply plants that people find a nuisance and do not want in a particular area.  Potentially any wild-growing plant could be a weed.  Plants we commonly know as weeds often grow and reproduce quickly and cause problems to other plants through crowding and shading. 

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    Like greengenie mentioned, a weed can be any plant growing in a location that a gardener/farmer doesn’t want the plant to grow. In some cases, a plant that can be grown for food is considered a weed because it is growing in the wrong place. For example, on one farm where I worked there were specific rows for each crop and each year the crops were rotated between beds so that they weren’t planted in the same place two years in a row. However, when plants self seed it is called a “volunteer” and so I found myself weeding out volunteer tomato plants in the cabbage rows because that is where the tomatoes had been planted the year before and few seeds had germinated. So, if all plants can be considered weeds, depending on the context, then I guess technically the number of plant species would be the number of weed species. Currently the number of known plant species is 400,000.  

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