How many different species of seal are there?



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    There are 33 different species of seal.

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    Currently 33 species of seals exist. However, there are more which have become extinct.

    Seals can be broken into two categories: Phocidae, or “true” seals and Otariidae, or “eared” seals.

    Of the “true” seals, there are also two distinctions. There are the Northern seals; including the hooded seal, bearded seal, grey seal, caspian seal, ribbon seal, harp seal, ringed seal, spotted seal, Baikal seal, and harbor seal; and also the Monk, Elephant, and Antarctic seals; the leopard seal, Weddel seal, crabeater seal, northern elephant seal, southern elephant seal, and the Mediterranean monk seal. Another seal that fits in this classification isthe Caribbean Monk seal. However, this species is extinct.

    The eared seals classification has two distinctions; sea lions and the fur seals. Animals in the sea lion category include the stellar sea lion, Australian sea lion, South American sea lion, New Zealand sea lion, and the CA, Galapagos, and Japanese sea lions. Of the fur seals, there are the South American fur seal, New Zealand fur seal, Galapagos fur seal, Antarctic fur seal, Juan Fernandex fur seal, South African and Australian fur seals, Guadlupe fur seal, Subantarctic fur seal, and the Northern fur seal.

    A last classification of seal is the Odobenidae, which includes the walrus.

    Surprisingly, the United States Navy SEALs are not included in this list.

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