How many different kinds of wool are there?



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    Wool varieties depend on the quality and origin of the wool, and there are numerous types. Wool can be wavy or kinky, and has scales ranging from 1,100 to 5,000 per inch or more. Wild sheep have certain characteristics depending on where they live (Rocky Mountains, India, etc.). Tame sheep are broken into “mutton” (prized for their meat) and “wool” varieties. Merino sheep are among the most common, but their are also Leicester, Lincoln, Cotswold, and Romney Marsh sheep among others–all producing different wools. Some are better for carpets (called “carpet wools”) while others are used for dresses and other garments. The diet of the sheep also affects the quality of their wool.

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    • There are many different types of wool and several ways of describing various characteristics of wool fibers including: staple length, diameter, hand, crimp, luster, and color. Wool from different breeds of sheep is also categorized in other ways, roughly divided by the length of their fiber (e.g., fine, short; cross-bred and medium; short wool and down; long wool and luster; and coarse wool and mountain breeds. Some specific types of wools include: merino, smart wool, corriedale, Lincoln, and border Leicester.

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