How many different electric cars are available in the United States?



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    It was difficult to find a complete list of electric cars available specifically in the US but the list on the link below seems up-to-date, and it claims to display the top ten (that is the ten “best”) electric cars coming to the US in 2009/2010. Being that its almost 2012 there are probably more options by now but hopefully this satisfies your curiosity.

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    Here is a list of the top 10 electric car companies in North America:

    1. Chevy Electric: they make the Chevy Volt Electric Car which is a full plug-in hybrid vehicle

    2. American Honda Motor Co.: creator of the Honda FCX Clarity which is a full cell electric vehicle

    3. Th!nk North America: located in Aurskog, Norway (but w/ American partners) they produce the Think Ox electric car

    4. Phoenix Motorcars: located in Ontario, CA, the company Phoenix MC, Inc. operates as Phoenix Motorcars.  They develop full-size, freeway speed electric vehicles such as the Phoenix Sport Utility Truck

    5. ZAP Electric Vehicles: creator of the Alias, a freeway speed, 100% electric vehicle which is co-designed by the company Lotus Engineering (Europe) and engineers in the US

    6. Tesla Motors: manufacturer of high performance, battery electric vehicles.  Famous for the Tesla Roadster electric car and the recently launched Tesla Model S

    7. Myers Motors: formerly known as Corbin Sparrow, Myers makes a single passenger, three wheeled, battery electric vehicle made specifically for commuters and city drivers.

    8. Fisker Automotive: maker of the Fisker Karma, a 4 door plug-in sports sedan.  The company was funded by an Italian businessman and Palo Alto Investors.  The car first debuted at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. 

    9. Aptera Motors: formerly known as Accelerated Composites, they make high efficiency vehicles such as the three wheeled, two seater called the Aptera 2 Series

    10. Detroit Electric: the revival of the old Detroit Electric that went bankrupt in 1939.  They are the manufacturer of Detroit Electric cars which can go from zero to sixty in 8 seconds.

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