How many different animals live in the arctic circle?



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    Caribou, muskox, and polar bears are some large land mammals native to the arctic circle.  Small land mammals include the arctic fox, skunks, chipmunks, and the ermine (or short tailed weasel).  When it comes to marine life, whales, dolphins, walruses, and seals also make their home in the North Polar region.  

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    There are nearly 200 types of birds that either live in the Arctic or migrate there to breed. There’s also a variety of small rodents, like the arctic ground squirrel, red squirrel, ground squirrel, masked shrew, tundra vole, dusky shrew, pygmy shrew and more. There are also a number of predators, ungulates, and marine life, including killer whales, bowhead whales, and belugas. For more, visit this site.

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    The tundra has a low level of biodiversity (less variety of species) compared to a rain forest, for example. Scientists are constantly discovering new species, so they don’t know exactly how many animal species exist anywhere. Fewer animals can live on ice, though. Species have to be specially evolved to survive in year-round frost. Because of species’ high level of adaptation to this environment and the interdependency of only relatively few species, this is a particularly vulnerable ecosystem. What effects one arctic species is likely to have a substantial ripple effect on other arctic species. They live in a delicate ecological balance with only a few, but very important predators like the polar bear and arctic fox.

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