how many diapers would you save if you use one cloth diaper



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    That really depends on how many diapers you are using in a day. The thing to consider is that the average baby is said to use 8000 disposable diapers compared to the 5 to 6000 cloth diapers that the average baby would use. That’s about 2000 more diapers per baby. 

    That is also a lot of savings in terms of how much money you would save using cloth diapers, but as the website below will tell you there are pros and cons to both cloth and disposable diapers. I would suggest doing your homework before making the decision that is best for your lifestyle, budget and green values.

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    Let us start with how many normal diapers are used for a baby until he is potty trained.  I searched a few places and have found an average of about 5000.

    Cloth diapers on the other hand, you would need about 20 (if you are washing them every two days) but up to 100. You could not get away with using 5 or 6, let alone 1!! I am getting these numbers from friends that have used this method.

    With that being said, you would save 4900 diapers. This is a disturbing amount of garbage.

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