For how many decades have hazardous wastes been dumped in our rivers?



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    For as many decades as humans have lived on the earth. Since the beginning of time human communities have tended to spring up around rivers, understandably so because they’re a natural resource of fish, plants and transportation. They have also been used to dispose of waste. Humans have used rivers as toilets for thousands of years and many continue to do so; the Ganges River in India, for example, is hideously polluted, largely as a result of the 700 million Indians who have no access to proper toilets. In more recent times beginning with the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century rivers have been dumping grounds not only for chemical-based wastes, but other biological matter. The city of London, for instance, went into crisis mode in the late 1850s due to the tremendous amount of chemicals from industries, tanneries and sewage that was dumped into the Thames River; the “Big Stink” eventually influenced British politicians to pass some of the first modern water quality legislation. Large-scale industrial water pollution probably reached its peak in the 1960s before the impact of pollution began to become widely publicized and accepted. Despite the many laws in place today, river pollution continues to be a major problem in almost every country in the world.

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