How many days should we let our muscles relax after a good workout?



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    This depends on the type of workout and how tolerant one’s muscles are to strenuous exercise. When lifting heavy weights, between 80% and 100% of a maximum weight load, it is important to get at least a days rest and eat proper proteins and sugars before and after the workout. When lifting lighter weights or simply doing cardio work, it is can be productive to do it on a daily basis. Once one’s muscles have gained a tolerance to strenuous activity, less rest is needed to rebuild what has been broken down. In general, if one’s muscles are too sore to workout, they need a little more rest and recuperation.

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    Depends on how tough the workout was and how sore you feel.  If you stretch properly and don’t push yourself too hard, you should be able to work out every day.  If it’s a tougher workout, it’s probably safer to do it every other day.  However, you should never work out if you feel sick or sore.  This might aggravate your conditions and make you feel worse.

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