How many days rest should I give my muscles between workouts?



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    It depends on a few factors. If you have just started working out give yourself at least two days rest, three to be safe in order to avoid overuse. Once a regular work routine one days rest is all will need. Make sure to stretch regularly, it helps with soreness.

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    For abs, its best to give one full day of rest to allow the stomach muscles to repair and restructure. For other muscle groups, one day is probably a good rule as well. If you want to work out everyday without taking a break, don’t work the same muscle group back to back; work the arms and back one day, legs and stomach the next, etc.

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    Depends on how tough the workout was and how sore you feel.  If you stretch properly and don’t push yourself too hard, you should be able to work out every day.  However, you should never work out if you feel sick or sore.  This might aggravate your conditions and make you feel worse.

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