How many countries have a carbon tax?



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    Among the countries that have full or partially implemented “Carbon Tax” you’ll find Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Canada and the US.

    You can also expect to see Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Japan on some lists… including the one here:

    Current news:  France may be disposing of their “carbon tax” as a result of social protests; India may be introducing a new carbon tax

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    Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, instituted a graduated carbon tax in 2007. I am no longer a car driver, so I don’t know the current rate, but I do know that it started at about 1 or 1.5 cents/liter (a liter’s a little more than 1/4 of a US gallon) and is scheduled to go up every year by about the same amount (iow, another 1 cent or so/liter). Like all new taxes, it was at first loudly protested, and now people seldom think of/or mention it – though that does not mean they’ve forgotten it.

    Some concerns are: how is this new tax is accounted for in public finances? Does it actually go to benefit the environment? Who decides what benefitting the environment means/looks like? Is the tax truly ‘revenue neutral’?(This is a catch-phrase of BC’s current government meaning “If  we take $ away from you with this tax, we’ll give you an equivalent amount back in some other way that we decide.”) There are more aspects of this particular implementation, but those are a few.

    What difference has it made so far? None that I can tell. More powerful incentives not to drive are to be found in higher gas prices overall. The couple of pennies the carbon tax adds has so far seems to have made no appreciable difference. Will that change when the tax reaches 10cents/liter or more? Possibly, if the price of gasoline is in the $1.50/liter range (over $6/US gal.)

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    To add on to the first answer:

    South Korea, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and South Africa have implemented some kind of a carbon tax.

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