How many countries depend primarily on nuclear energy?



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    There are only countries that rely on nuclear power as their main source of power.  They include France, Lithuania (both over 70%), Belgium, Slovakia.  several more, including the USA, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Germany rely on approximately 25% or more.  Though there certainly are many risks involved in running a country on nuclear power, if properly maintained and monitored, nuclear power plants can provide relatively clean energy and is especially valuable to countries that lack natural energy resources of their own, such as France and Lithuania.

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    I wrote an article a few weeks ago talking about how some countries are trying to reduce their reliance on nuclear energy after witnessing what happened to Japan. However, this isn’t an easy thing to do, since it would mean using other means of energy that pollute the environment. An example of a country trying to do this would be the United Kingdom. The irony in all of this is that nuclear energy does provide a “green” alternative to other types of energy, but with many risks that many countries are thinking twice about now. 

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