How many countries can people volunteer in with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms?



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    A LOT.  Most countries in the Americas and Europe, a fair number in the Asia-Pacific region, not too many in Africa.  Unfortunately, you may have to pay to register with each specific region or country.  Here is the website that will connect you to all the countries in case you haven’t checked it out :

    A word of caution from a former WWOOFer: make sure you have all your details figured out before you go if you don’t want to be exploited.  If they say they have room for 12 people, make sure that doesn’t mean you need to sleep on a lawn chair with rattlesnakes nearby.  Also make sure that 6 hours a day of work, if that’s what you agree to, will actually be 6 hours a day and not 10-12.  WWOOFing is a great way to see places around the world, though, and a wonderful way to meet people

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