how many cotton plants does it take to make a T-shirt?



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    I can’t find reliable statistic on how much cotton a single plant produces, however I can tell you that making one t-shirt requires just under one pound of cotton.  Also, an acre of cotton can produce as much as 855 pounds of cotton.  This means an acre of cotton has the potential to provide cotton for as many as 1000 t-shirts.

    One acre of cotton can be comprised from anywhere between 35,000 and 60,000 individual cotton plants, depending on the specie grown and quality of the harvest.  This means A LOT of cotton plants are necessary to create one shirt.

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    Making a single T-shirt can require anywhere from half a pound to a full pound of cotton.  I’m not sure how much cotton can come from a single plant, but as andyyeah stated earlier, several cotton plants are needed for just one shirt.

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