How many cloth diapers would I need for one baby?



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    Diaper stores suggest at least 24 diapers per child if you are planning on using the one size fits all kind, and 12 per child per size for the different sized ones. 

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    Most cloth diapers will last through multiple children, and even after that they can be used as rags. Most families need 3-6 dozen cloth diapers, depending on how often they wash them and how many children are using them. Prices vary, but most families can purchase all the cloth diapers they will ever need for about $300. Prices can vary to $1000, but that is usually for extra bells and whistles. 


    The Cost of Cloth Diapers

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    When the baby is brand new, you will need about 36 prefolds and about 6-8 covers.  You only need to put the diaper cover into the diaper pail if it’s dirty rather than wet.  For wet covers, you wipe them with a cloth and let them dry between changes.

    As they grow, you need fewer diapers because they go to the bathroom less and less.

    You can buy one size diapers, such as Bum Genius, and use them until the child reaches potty training age, keeping in mind the larger your diaper stash, the less wear and tear on the diapers.  Some diapers will only hold up through 500 washings.

    We were able to cloth diaper our youngest for about $450, and that included diapers, wipes (we used wash cloths), wipes warmer, diaper pail, diaper pail wet bags, and travel wet bags.  When we were done with them, we were able to sell them, which is another plus to having a large diaper stash.

    The newer the diapers when you are finished with them, the higher your return when you sell them.  And believe me—people WILL buy them!  🙂  Getting a bit of money back at the end is nice.

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