How many cities is zipcar in?



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    Zipcar operates in over 50 North American cities. A complete list can be found at and is updated as new locations are developed. With 200 employees, $35 million in venture capital, and international expansion, you can expect to see this number grow quickly. It was founded in 1999, around the time that environmentalism was becoming popularly mainstream, so it will be interesting to see how its success might coincide with this “green trend”. 

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    Zipcar is based in 126 cities in the United States and 6 cities in the United Kingdom.

    The Zipcar operates on a monthly membership fee and a fixed hourly / daily rate. Zipcar locations are placed strategically throughout a city for a customer to pick up a car and then drop off at another Zipcar location.

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    Zipcar is growing rapidly and is currently in over 125 cities on two continents. They run on a pay per mile basis and are a logical alternaitive for those who only need temporary transportation

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