How many chemicals have been found in cigarettes?



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    Of course it depends on who you talk to (a scientist for a tobacco company would surly give you another answer) most agree there are somewhere around 4,000 different chemicals in cigarette and tobacco smoke. Many of these are poisonous or toxic to humans and as many as 50 are carcinogens, chemicals known to cause cancer.

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    There are about 4,000 chemicals contained in a single cigarette. Many of these are poisonous or harmful to your health in some way, and at least 50 of them have are carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Some of the most notable poisons released by cigarette smoke and inhaled by smokers include formaldehyde, benzene, tar, ammonia, arsenic, and carbon monoxide. Any one of these substances would kill you if you ingested a large amount all at once; and unsurprisingly, inhaling them over a period of time in cigarette smoke is pretty likely to kill you, too.

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