How many cheetahs are there in India?



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    Long ago, the Asiatic Cheetah was very common in India, but it has since been hunted to extinction there, now believed to exist in the wild only in Iran. Presently, there are no wild species of cheetah in India, but there are plans in place to change this. So few Asiatic cheetah exist that experts think it wouldn’t be a good idea to seperate them, but there are plans to bring African cheetahs back into India.

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    There are currently no cheetahs in India, but the Indian government is working to change that by introducing African cheetahs at three sites: Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Shahgarh landscape. Asiatic cheetahs used to be native to the Indian subcontinent, but they were hunted down by the mid-twentieth century. Only around 100 Asiatic cheetahs remain, with most of them living in Iran. The Indian government will be using African cheetahs for this reintroduction because using Asiatic cheetahs would have threatened their already small population. This project will cost over 65 million dollars and will likely be implemented within the next three years.

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