How many cell phones or telephones for 5 years.

It could be any years but it has to be 5 years. I’m trying to ask how much phones were in a specific year for example how many phones were in 1995. Please comment or anwser if you don’t understand me.



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    I interpret the question to mean how may worldwide cell phones subscribers there were in five year increments. In 2010 the world reached over 5 billion subscribers; in 2005 about 2.4 billion; in 2000, about 740 million. Cell phone popularity has grown exponentially since 1980 when there were a mere 11.2 million. Does that help?

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      thank you very much it does help but do you know how many phones were in 1 more year. You listed 4 years but if you know how many phones were in another year than please reply but thanks!

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