how many cartons of milk do most americans consume in a year



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    6.5 billion is a rather large number.  In fact, it’s the number of seconds that make up 206 years and it’s the number of all the human beings on this planet Earth.  It’s also the number of milk cartons that students K-12 consume each year!

    It should also be noted that this number is just talking about kids — it doesn’t take into account any of the adults who also enjoy their milk out of a carton! 

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    This can be tricky to answer because cartons come in different sizes. If you figure by gallons, the usual method of quoting how much milk consumed, though, it would appear that in 2009 each American consumed about 20.6 gallons per milk. The average shifts from year to year, though.

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    In contrast to how much is used, I think it’s also important to note and pretty astounding that Americans waste an estimated amount of 2 billion gallons of milk a year.

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