How many cars get over 60 mpg?



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    Only hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius come close to getting 60 mpg.  The Prius gets 51 mpg in the city.

    Electric cars are measured on a different system, but they are much more efficient than even hybrids.

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    The Nissan Leaf gets an average milage of highway and city driving of 99 mpg. The only other cars that I could find that get over 60 mpg are the smart fortwo electric drive cabriolet and the smart fortwo electric drive coupe which get a combine 86.5 mpg. 

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    There are also two-seater vehicles that can get over 60 mpg. Smart Cars can get 94 city and 79 highway. But with the exception of the Leaf, no four-seating midsize car, hybrid or not, can break 60 mpg. 

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    I found a long list of mostly European cars, ranging from “small” and “family” cars to coupes and MPVs, that boast 60+ mpg.   Please keep in mind that real world mpg depends on other factors such as how you drive and where you do your driving.  For small cars, the Ford Fiesta boasts 76.3 mpg, the Audi A1 70.6 mpg, and the MINI hatch 74.3 mpg.  For coupes, the Renault Megane boasts 64.2 mpg, the Audi A3 Cabriolet 65.7 mpg, and the BMW 1-Series 62.8 mpg.

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