How many cars could be powered for a year with the oil that has spilled into the gulf?



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    There isn’t a certain answer, but approximately 56 million gallons of oil have leaked as of June 11. Experts estimate that around 25,000 to 30,000 barrels are spilled a day, and a barrel of oil roughly contains about 42 gallons. From this, you can do the math if you find the average oil a car needs in a year. 


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    It the total leak volume is correct at 56,000,000 gallons, that’s 1.3 million barrels. The US uses 19,000,000 barrels every day, so the total leaked is less than one percent of one day’s consumption for the United States. 70% of US consumption (13,300,000 barrels per day) is in the transportation sector including cars, trucks, planes, etc. 1.3 million barrels out of a day’s consumption of 13.3 million for transportation equals not quite 10% of one day’s consumption, so the total volume of the leak would fuel all the cars, truck, planes, etc of the US for abot two and one half hours.

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