How many calories a day do you burn doing nothing?



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    This will depend on many factors:  weight, sex, height, etc.  However, the average number is about 1200 calories a day.  If you would like to know specifically for your body type the link below is a caloric counter.  Hope this helps!

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    It depends based on height, weight, age, and genetics, but I attached a link that does a general calculation.  This also changes based on your genetics, but for the average person it gives a good calculation.

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    If you literally did nothing, then you would burn no calories at all. But since you are constantly using your brain, you are burning some calories, even if you are not exercising. Do you ever feel hungry after you’ve been studying? That’s because your brain uses glucose to think, and you get that glucose from the foods you eat. I would use one of the links above to find out how many calories you need for your body type and level of activity (or lack thereof).

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