How many bugs get killed by cars?



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    This is an interesting question because it seems irrelevant, but in fact the number of bugs that get killed combined with location information and observed over a period of time can give us some important information on climate change.The great concern is that the number of insects is decreasing. I am not sure how they do their calculations and I am not entirely sure on their goals and results beside what is included in the articles.

    May 25, 2011 “The biologist from the University of Wageningen believes that around 500 billion insects are killed each year in vehicle strikes in the Netherlands alone.” (1)

    July 10, 2011 : Dutch biologist Arnold van Vliet estimates it this way: In the netherlands (2007), there were over 7 million cars, traveled 200 billion kilometers(~125 billion miles). Data suggests 3.3 billion bugs on licence plates (1/40 surface area of a car) alone per month, which would imply 1600 billion in a year. The same math can be applied to the US, estimating 200 million cars, 2.5 trillion miles, and 32.5 trillion insects. Using the same statistics for British drivers with their 31 million cars yields 7 trillion insects. (2)


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