How many bottles of water can a Britta water filter save?



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    The filters come in many sizes, and it depends on how often you change the filter cartridges. If you use a pitcher with an 8 cup capacity (about four bottles of water,) drink 8 cups of water per day (the recommended amount,) and change the filter once per month, you can save about 120 bottles of water. However, in many places tap water is so good that you do not even need a filter and in many cases the tap water is better than bottled water.

    If your locality is anywhere on this list of the top 100, I recommend not even bothering with a filter. I have personally tasted water in Alameda County, which is number 70 on this list and it is very pure. I currently reside in Yolo County, CA (not in the top 100) and I find that a filter is necessary there. However, I change my filter about every six months or so instead of every month.

    I strongly recommend watching the YouTube video link as well! You will notice that Cleavland water is rated at 72 on the list. So, find out how high your city rates and make your decisions from there!

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    One Brita filter can save as many as 300 standard-size water bottles.  That is a substantial amount considering the price of a Brita filter vs. a case of water.  They are also much more eco-friendly!

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    I also save about $100 a month by not having to buy bottled water. My Brita filter saved the environment and my pocket book! A lot of people complain that the taste of filtered water isn’t the same as bottled, but I actually find that I like the filtered water taste better. 

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    It really depends on which Brita water filter you choose.

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