How many books have been converted to e-versions?



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    It is difficult to give an exact number because there are more and more being added every day, but as of April there were over 500,000 books available for Amazon’s Kindle.  There are also hundreds of thousands of books not available for download on Kindle that are on the internet and available for download onto your personal computer.  I would hazard a guess that the number is pretty close to a million at this point.

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    Taking into account the 500,000 public-domain titles released by Google in March 2009, the 500,000+ unique titles offered by Amazon for its Kindle reader, the 600,000 titles offered by Sony for its ebook reader, the 1 million ebooks from Barnes and Noble, and the millions of copies of electronically-scanned bootleg ebooks, the estimated number is more than 10 million.

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