How many books can we save using digital readers?



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    It really depends on how popular digital readers become. I know I gave my father one for Father’s day and he still prefers books, because it is nostalgic, and he says looking at a screen that long hurts his eyes. I would say that that technology is not going to takeoff for sometime just because the book industry is still fairly profitable.

    The average household in the US has about 40 books…if everyone in the US had one digital reader, you can see the amount of books we could possibly save.

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    According to a recent study by the CleanTeach Group, if the average person buys 22.5 books per year, replacing those books with a Kindle would offset the environmental impact of making the Kindle. In the end, it really depends on how much you use the Kindle and how many books you’d be buying without it.

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