how many birds killed by wind turbines..

how many birds killed by wind turbines in all united states



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    The American Bird Conservancy claims that 10,000 to 40,000 birds are killed each year by wind turbines. This number has many people fighting the use of wind turbines because they feel that this is an unacceptable side effect of wind power. However, considering the cost effectiveness of wind power and the growing difficulties the U.S.A is having depending on foreign oil for fuel, those in favor of wind power believe that while it would be better to lessen the amount of birds killed by wind turbines, the number of birds currently killed is far less than are killed by other man-made structures and technology. For example, the American Wind Energy Association claims that 130 – 174 million birds are killed every year by power lines. 70 million are killed by pesticides. 60 -80 million are killed by automobiles and 40 – 50 million birds are also killed by lighted communication towers. Tree hugger also claims that 100 million to 1 billion birds are killed every year by residential and commercial windows.

    With the concern over bird deaths taken into consideration, makes of wind turbines are working to create turbines that can decrease the number of birds killed per year by the energy source.

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