How many birds are expeced to die because of the oil spill?



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         We will probably never know the spill’s total impact on bird species, but it is likely to be very bad. The American Bird Conservancy estimates that the oiled birds now being found on shore are only a fraction of the birds harmed by the spill. In addition, it’s hard to calculate the spill’s impact on future generations of birds; even small amounts of oil on a parent’s feathers can kill a baby bird. The many threatened species include the brown pelican, the roseate spoonbill, and the great egret.

         The Audubon Society has ongoing coverage of how the spill effects birds on its website ( and blog (

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    Of the 820 birds found so far, 597 have been found dead. However, this is the 11th largest body of water on earth, over 615,000 sq mi. That only works out to one bird per 1000 sq mi. This is definitely inaccurate the majority of dead animals will never be found. I do not believe there could have been even a remote estimate. They will never know. 🙁

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