How many Bengal tigers are left in the wild?



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    It is estimated that there are about 1300 to 1500 bengal tigers in the Indian subcontinent and less than 2500 worldwide. Over the past one hundred years, their populations have decreased dramatically.

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    Of the estimated 1300-1500 Bengal tigers left, 1,411 are found in the wild in India while about 280 are found in Bangladesh. The number of tigers has fallen drastically in the last century. Out of the eight subspecies of tigers, three are now extinct. The number of Bengal tigers in the wild has decreased dramatically recently. In 2003 there were 3,600 Bengal tigers in the wild in India and today has fallen to 1,411. 

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    I think tigers are one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. And these are even more so. What a shame that man has been such an enemy. Hopefully, we have wised up. The thought that future generationĀ­s would be unable to share the world with these regal creatures saddens me.

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