How many baby elephants does the average elephant have in a lifetime?



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    The average elephant will begin to reproduce at the age of 14 or 15 and give birth to one calf every four years until age 52, then every five years until age 60, and after that, every six years. Supposing an elephant lives until 60, the average elephant will produce about 11-12 calves. However, the amount of calves that an elephant gives birth to depends on the stress of its environment, and population density.

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    The amount of calves an elephant births depends on their resources of space and food.  Elephants in captivity have a lot of trouble reproducing for these reasons.  Due to the lack of space they have to roam, the dangers of housing male elephants, and the ages of females (they are often older when entering captivity), it is often unlikely that healthy babies will be born.  Of the recorded births in zoos, stillbirths occur 50 to 75 times that in the wild.  One of the main thoughts is that without adequate space to roam, exercise, and let off stress, elephants cannot harvest healthy fetuses in captivity.

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