How many ants would it take to carry a 175 pound man?Type your question here…



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    Well, the strongest ants can carry about 50 times their own weight, which means they can lift about .2 grams. That means it would take about 5 ants to carry a single gram.

    175 pounds = about 79,378.66 grams.

    You can do the math 2 ways.

    1) Splitting up 79,378.66 grams between ants that can each lift .2 grams would give you this equation:   79,378.66/.2 = 396,893.323

    That means you would need about 396,894 ants to lift a single 175 pound man.

    2) Since it would take 5 ants to lift a single gram, you can just mulitply 79,378.66 by 5.  79,378.66 x 5 = 396,893.323.

    The answer is the same.

    It would take 396,894 of the strongest ants to life a single 175 pound man.

    Many ants, however, can only lift about 5 times their own weight, or .02 grams. That means it would take 10 times the amount of ants to lift a 175 pound man, or 3,968,934 ants.

    Crazy, huh?

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