How many ants are typically in a colony?



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    One of the largest known ant colonies is in Japan, and numbers approximately 306 million workers and one million queens. Reportedly, there is a larger one in Argentina.

    Small colonies have hundreds of ants, and many colonies have thousands of ants.

    For more information, check out the Ant Hill Wood web site.

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    It’s hard to say how many ants are in a given ant colony, since there about 12,400 species of ants in the world! On the Ivory Coast of Africa, however, ant colonies average 2,850 ants per colony. Carpenter ants, which are a big problem in the United States, when mature, form colonies with over 10,000 ants. Of course, some species have much larger colonies, such as the Japanese ant colony that xmanmonk mentions.

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    Check out this video revealing how large a ant colony’s living structure is. They pump cement down the ant whole and excavate it once it dies showing a massive underground compound. 

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