How many animals go on the endangered species list every year?



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    There doesn’t appear to be a set number of animals allowed for the listing each year, rather they are determined by a variety of factors and must adhere to a timed guideline.

    A priority system is in place to ensure animals and plants with the greatest need are added to the list first.  there is no bias to popularity, it is strictly determined by 1) level of threat 2) immediacy of threat 3)taxonomy distinctiveness (genus, species, sub-species, etc)


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    On average thousands of animals become endangered each year, these can also be broken up into subtopics, which specify the numbers more specifically.  The largest group of animal to become endangered as a group is birds.  The reason animals go extinct is due to the explosion of the human population which takes away the lands from the animals.  Also, human hunting, which when unregulated, can have a detrimental effect on animals.  I would imagine this is a large reason why the bird population has been greatly reduced.

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