how many animals are in the whole wide world

please reply if you know



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    Assuming you really mean “animals,” there are hundreds of quadrillions of individual animals on earth, at least. Some estimates suggest 10 quadrillion ants alone.

    If you meant number of species, there are about 1.7 million named species, with estimates of total species count ranging from 2 million to 50 million and more.

    If you meant “mammals,” perhaps someone else can help.

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    That’s quite a difficult question to answer, and definitely something that no one on Earth could answer. Just think about all the unexplored ocean that we don’t even have the technology to explore yet! But besides the thousands or millions of undiscovered species in the ocean, we are still discovering new species all the time in deep jungles and in ice! Well, here’s a table that at least counts the species in the world that we know of, to give you an idea of that:

    Category Species Totals
    Vertebrate Animals    
    Mammals 5,500  
    Birds 10,000  
    Reptiles 10,000  
    Amphibians 15,000  
    Fishes 40,000  
    Total Vertebrates   80,500
    Invertebrate Animals    
    Insects 5,000,000  
    Arachnids 600,000  
    Molluscs 200,000  
    Crustaceans 150,000  
    Echinoderms 14,000  
    Others 791,830  
    Total Invertebrates   6,755,830
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    In the oceans alone, there are an estimated 750,000 species floating about that are undiscovered and undocumented.  There are also several species of animals (especially birds) that are still unknown to scientific mankind.

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