How many animals are in the gazelle family?



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    A gazelle is a member of the family Bovidae in the genus Gazella. Within this family there are four subgenus’ the Gazella, Eudorcas, Nanger, and the Trachocele. Of this family there are a total of 26 members. This does not include the extinct members of the family which totals 28.

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    Gazelles are small to medium sized antelopes that have slim necks, long legs, even-numbered toes, and curved, ringed horns. They live in herds in Africa and Asia and eat grass, shoots, and leaves. Gazelles are from the Bovidae Family and are categorized into three genuses: Gazella, Eudorcas, and Nanger. There are 14 living species and they are as follows: (Gazella) Mountain gazelle, Neumann’s gazelle, Speke’s gazelle, Dorcas gazelle, Saudi gazelle, Chinkara, Cuvier’s gazelle, Rhim gazelle, and Goitered gazelle. (Eudorcas) Thomson’s gazelle and Red-fronted gazelle. (Nager) Dama gazelle, Grant’s gazelle, and Soemmerring’s gazelle. 

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