How many Americans live without electricity?



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    There are two answers to this question: the first is if you mean Americans who do not have electricity due to where they live or inability to afford it, and the second is if you mean Americans who are “off the grid”, which means they still use electricity but are providing it themselves.  The first one is more difficult to answer.  Numbers vary all the time based on natural disasters like winter storms or even Hurricane Katrina, which left 3 million people without electricity for a long time.  There are many Americans who are homeless or squatting but it is hard to know that number as well.  Then, there are 221,000 Amish people living in the United States who choose to live without or with very limited electricity.

    The second answer is approximately 350,000 (this number is from 2008 with an estimate that it would grow 30% a year, although this sounds ambitiously high). 

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