How many acres is the salton sea?



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    According to the Salton Sea Authority in 1997, the Salton Sea comprise of about 243,718 acres. Because it has no outlet, it loses water thru evaporation and is subjected to the inflow volume. Therefore, its area fluctuates greatly year after year. 

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    The Salton Sea, the largest lake in California, has a surface area of 243,718 acres (381 miles). It also has a maximum depth of 51 feet. Additionally, the average inflow to the Salton Sea is approximately 1,300,000 acre-feet, carrying about 4,000,000 tons of dissolved salt each year. The total volume of the lake is about 7.5 million acre-feet. As it receives less than three inches of precipitation per year, the Salton Sea receives little inflow from rain.

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