How many acres of land does the largest solar project in the United States take up?



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    A project that is still currently in the works in Mojave Desert is going to be the biggest one in the United States.  It was just recently approved loans by the president.  The plans show that it will cover about 5,130 – acres of land with solar panels.  Once completed, it will generate up to 392 megawatts of energy.

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    Out of already completed and operating projects in the United States, the largest are Solar Energy Generating Systems (solar thermal) and Nellis Solar Power Plant (photovoltaic). The former goes by the acronym SEGS, and it the largest solar power facility in the world. Its 936,384 parabolic trough mirrors take up an area of 1,600 acres (6.5 sq. km). The Nellis plant is located inside of an Air Force base and occupies an area of 140 acres (0.57 sq. km) – although nowhere near the SEGS scale, it is still the largest solar panel installation in US.

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