How many acres of forest around the world are destroyed by natural fires versus man-made fires?



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    “In 2007, there were 85,707 reported wildfires. Only a little over 14% of those fires were due to lightning strikes. The other nearly 86% of those wildfires were caused by the careless or intentional actions of man.”  Approximately 9,873,429 acres were destroyed, taking 86% would cut out 8.8 million fires caused by man.

    People of all ages are careless and harsh toward our environment, bond fires, throwing cigarettes out the window and other carelessness’ of individuals cause more forest fires than natural causes such as lighting

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      I used to live in the mountains in southern california and it seemed like 3 out of every 4 forest fires were caused by man either shooting in the forest or arsonists doing their thing. Its sad that people aren’t a little more responsible.

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