How man monkeys are there in the rainforest?



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    The exact number is difficult to determine because there are many animal, insect, and plant species that are still yet to be discovered in rainforests. There are around 264 monkey species on Earth. Brazil, which is known for its rainforests, is the country that has the largest number of monkey species. There are around 80 monkey species in Brazil. Capuchins, baboons, galagos, howler monkeys, colobus monkeys, indris, marmosets, drills, lemurs, muriquis, guenons, lorises, owl monkeys, langurs, pottos, sakis, leaf monkeys, sifakas, spider monkeys, macaques, squirrel monkeys, vervets, tamarins, titis, uakaris, and woolly monkeys are primates that can all be found in rainforests.

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