How to MAKE the wind howl around my house.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I would like to know why the wind doesn’t howl around my house. When the wind blew at my old house it was very loud and most interesting. Everyone LOVED it. The house I live in now was built by the same builder around the same time (over 100 years ago) , it’s shaped the same and QUITE as a mouse even in very hard winds. 🙁
Both are two story. The only difference is the old one had a somewhat long roofed walk way to the garage with support columns down both sides. Any help would be appreciated. I miss my friends coming over for snacks and story telling during storms.



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    Wah! Very cool question!

    I hope you get swept away and write a book about this a few years from now!

    I don’t know your motivation, but I know mine in a similar situation. There is a loose pane of glass in a light outside my place. I can tell all kinds of things about the wind … from the way it clacks back and forth. Fast, slow, hard, soft … it’s like a Morse code for what’s going on.

    gnome, your question can’t be answered until you decide what’s important about the wind noise TO YOU. At Hewlett-Packard they used to say that until they developed some instrument there WAS no way to measure something. I think that’s the situation you find yourself in. 

    And I’ll throw something else in the mix. Ask yourself: What’s the purpose of an Aeolian Wind Harp? (URL appended for reference.)


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    I don’t exactly know about it, but the wind only howls when it bumps into things trying to get through small spaces.

    Ajax Ontario Street Sweeping

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