how to make a natural dye?

i wanted to know if anythng else than plum has been used to make natural dye.._plz reply me as soon as possible…..on my id “rashi_jain1996@yahoo



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    I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but henna is a natural dye used most often for the hair and skin, but historically has also been used to dye cloth and leather. It is made from the powder of the leaves of the henna plant. The dye is usually a paste, which can be made at home from mixing the powder with an acidic liquid like lemon juice, a sweet sticky substance like honey, and an essential oil (see the link below).

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    The Crafting a Green World site has a step-by-step set of directions of how to make natural dye. The example does use plums but it is clearly specified that that any plant, berry or root make effective dyes. Another site, Pioneer Thinking, suggest that if you use flowers, the blossoms should be in full bloom and berries and nuts should be mature. 

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    Depending on where you live, there may some natrually occuring plants, animals and fungi that can be used for dyes.

    This site has a long list of many things used: Earthhues

    some require more preparation than others, but there are a good many that require very little preparation.

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