How to make a college experience the greenest it can be?



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    Not only live green, advocate green! People tend to at least listen among peers on college campus’.

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    It is tough to be green in the dorms because there is no incentive to conserve power or water. However, one of the best possible things you can do is utilize the resources surrounding you. College campuses almost always have groups or programs to take environmental initiatives. Get involved and be part of the solution. 

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    In my opinion, the most “green” thing you can do in college is to think criticially and be consciencious about your actions. College is the perfect place to mingle with people with new ideas and opinions, and practice enforcing your beliefs.
    By learning new ideas and making new habits that create less impact on the earth, you can establish good habits that you’ll take with you long after college.

    On top of that, take advantage of all the resouces your college offers: go on trip, volunteer to do a beach clean-up or something, or join/start an environmental club on campus so that you can help share the word.

    The Association for the Advancement of Sustaiabililty in Higher Education has a LOT of events and conferences, as well as resources to help your college become more sustainable (or help spread the word if it already is).

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    In addition to paclemens and sustainablesunrise’s answers, a great way to go green is to try and buy as many used text books as you can. Sometimes used ones are not available, but when they are, buy them! They are not only cheaper, but you are also recycling. 

    Also, check with your dining halls about the “take-out” containers they use. Are they made from recycled material? Are they biodegradable? If not, look into trying to get it changed. My university used all biodegradable take-out containers and it was great to see them making an effort to take steps to becoming greener. 

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