How loud are howler monkeys when they howl?



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    While the blue whale is the loudest animal there is, the howler monkey is the loudest animal on land.  One could hear its howling from 5 kilometers, or about 10 miles, away.  Their calls can reach over 90 decibels!

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    Howler monkeys are named and known for their very loud howls and the beginning and end of each day. They are the loudest animals in the New World and their howl can travel as far as three miles in very dense forest. The howls differ between male and female howler monkeys, with males producing the powerful roar-like howl. Females on the other hand produce sounds that sound like grunts more similar to that of a pig.


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    The secret behind the Howler Monkey’s high-pitched voice is the monkey’s throat sac, which contains a special pocket to strengthen the voice box that used to scare other animals and people from the area and make them away from fruit trees.

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