How long would it take old loggers to get through a giant redwood with an axe?



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    I suppose that you actually mean a giant sequoia, and that you mean loggers in days of yore rather than “old loggers”.

    They would not have used axes except to start; such trees were felled with saws. One cut in 1881 took 13 days; see link.

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    Although the answer above is 100% correct, the term “giant redwood” is actually a common term used to refer to coast redwoods, or Sequoia sempervirens. Giant redwoods comprise the tallest trees on Earth – Hyperion, the current record-holder, comes in at just over 115 meters (379 feet).

    Although mammoth in size (and age – Hyperion is considered young at 600 years old), the trunks of giant redwoods tend to be much narrower than giant sequoias. Hyperion, for instance, has a base diameter of about 15 feet (General Sherman, the largest giant sequoia, has a base diameter of more than twice that – around 36 feet). According to this informational site on Redwood National Park in California, cutting down a redwood with a 12ft diameter trunk would have taken around 2-3 days.


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