How long would it take to make a significant difference if the whole world adopted the Chinese rule of only one child per family?



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    A very long time, if anything could ever be accomplished. Even in China there are exceptions to the rule, and constant infractions. Policies like the one child policy tend to be very difficult to enforce, especially in rural areas. Since more of the world is developing 3rd world countries, without a stable government, it would be impossible to enforce this policy on a global scale.

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    If we were able to enforce it and really accomplish this, it would still take several generations to slow population growth. It would then take several more generations to reverse population growth so that population numbers would be decreasing. This is because it isn’t a straight easy math problem of dividing the population number in half. If we were to instantaneously make this rule, everyone who is alive now, specifically the children, would have to grow up and then this policy would affect them. Then they would live until they were old and then die. Then their children would have to grow older, have a child, and mature into old age. It would take at least 2 generations (a 100+ years) to slow the population growth rate, then depending on how many people are living at that time it would take several more generations to get the total population down to a sustainable level.

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