How long will those corn plastic utensils last?



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    The Plantware corn forks listed on the first website below claim to fully biodegrade in 45-60 days. However, this likely requires a very hot compost pile. Some environmentalists argue that the corn utensils don’t break down in residential compost piles; instead they require industrial composting.

    As for how long the utensils last for repeated use, they are definitely less sturdy than regular plastic utensils, and they may be damaged when experiencing temperatures over 110 degrees F (although they claim to be able to withstand temps up to 180 degrees).

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    Dara010 had a great answer! I found some other information that might help with your question. Corn-derived cutlery take longer to biodegrade and are best composted in a commercial facility. They require certain conditions to biodegrade well, such as the right amounts of heat, moisture and air. So don’t throw them away in landfills as they don’t meet these conditions! Consider that landfills are overcrowded anyway and are sealed. Guess what that means? Some things will remain preserved – such as these corn plastic utensils.


    If you want to compost at your home then you can expect the corn plastic utensils to decompose in about 180 days or so.

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