How long will LED lights last in a home?



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    I assume the life of your light would depend on your use of the LED. For example, LED lights that are used in flashlights within the home have a life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This life span would also depend on how often you were planning on using the particular light in question. The life of your LED light may also be affected by the company that produced the product but I would assume that this factor will not affect the life of your light too dramatically.

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    LED lights function differently from traditional light bulbs, in that they don’t just go dead when the filament breaks; instead, they gradually decrease in effeciency and lumen output.  When an LED reaches a light output of 50%, it’s considered to be at the end of it’s life.  With that said, if a manufacturer claims their LED light functions at 60% lumen maintenance at 45,000 hours, it means that the LED can emit light long after that, but not nearly as bright.

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